Here I am writing about one of the phenomena I hate the most in human societies calling themselves developed. Actually, one interesting thing is that the Corruption Perception Index and the Human Development Index seem to be related. The countries on top of both are somewhat the same, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Canada. Ireland seems to be the exception making the rule, ranking in 7th in terms of human development, despite being placed in the 26th place in the Corruption Perception Index.

“[Corruption] is one of the greatest obstacles to economic and social development around the world.”

World Economic Forum


I viscerally hate corruption. Now we are recurring to the World Economic Forum, corruption amounts to 5% of the global gross domestic product. Saying this in another way, 5% of the wealth produced worldwide is absorbed by people who deviate this wealth to benefit themselves, their family or their friends, at the cost of the public, widespread welfare.

Needless to say, in the most corrupt countries, the political effort towards transparency in every public policy is the least, for corruption is immensely pervasive in these societies. This is a hard struggle, but I still uphold it is the most important one on the road to human development.